1. You big tease! (Swoncest Thneedville!high)

    pairing: Swag x One

    warning: nothing..this is the cleanest fic I’ve ever written(x…and the shortest! hehe (BASED ON A TRUE STORY)

    summary: One comes over and is teasing Swag. Swag keeps trying to kiss him but One doesn’t let him.

    There is a knock at the window and Swag looks up to see One. Swag smiled brightly and ran to the window to open it for his lover.

    ”Hey Drippy!!” he smiled brightly and hugs him tightly. “Haven’t seen you in weeks!”

    One rolled his eyes and hugged back, “Yeah, yeah. Whatever…you see me at school all the time!” He chuckled and pulled back.

    "Yeah but still!" Swag smiled and sat on the bed and pat the spot next to him so One would sit. One removed jacket and layed down next to where Swag was sitting and Swag chuckled. "I’ve missed you though…" He bent down and kissed One lightly.

    "Eww…that’s gay!" He rolled his eyes as the younger boy’s lips met One’s. Swag put his hand on the side of One’s face and kisses him passionately.

    "mm-uh." One smirks as he pulls away.

    "What was that about?" Swag leaned in to kiss One again but he turned his head, making his lips hit One’s cheek. 

    "What the hell Drippy?!" He complained. One smirked and folded his lips in and shook his head ‘no’. "Please baby!" He shook One’s shoulder.

    One looked swag in the eyes and giggled, “You’re so cute babe.” He reached his hand behind Swag’s head and pulled him down for a kiss.

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